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With the boom of the electronic commerce in China, the consumer protection on the internet is increasingly coming into focus of the Chinese administration. Last year the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (SAIC) eine „which is responsible for consumer protection in the country, issued a “Preliminary regulation on E-Commerce“. Currently a draft law with the objective of regulating online trading is being prepared. Now the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) is supporting this project with a comparative study on E-Commerce.

Leading Chinese and German experts from both academia and businesses will present in the study the general legislation and institutional conditions of E-Commerce in Europe, Germany and China. A concrete guideline is being prepared and to be presented to SAIC by the comparison of general conditions of online trading. In the study, the Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU) takes the lead for the Chinese side. It is expected that the study will be completed next April.

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